Watching the Cubs game and crossing my fingers… and HEY! Apparently that guy who interfered on the foul ball yesterday went to Notre Dame. He’s my age too, which means that conceivably he was in my graduating class! I don’t recognize the name though. Research is required.


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  1. oops, i was about to write how disappointed i was that the guy who caught the ball was from my class, but then i realized that i had typed in the name of the guy at bat. weird coincidence.

    anyhow, the poor unfortunate fan in question was a business major, class of ’99. no more info available at irish online. i wonder if he yanked it in the last few days…

  2. Ah, thanks. I was having trouble logging in to Irish Online. I don’t remember this guy… I wonder if he’s in my yearbook.

  3. he didn’t even have any *dorm* info. either he doesn’t have too many ties to ND or he’s covering his tracks. my guess is the latter, and i can’t say i blame him.

  4. he’s from keenan – and apparently friends w/ our football coaches… (i think he’s bottom right)

    also, it TOTALLY wasn’t his fault at all… there were about 5 hands going for the ball and it just happened to touch his. he’s a lifelong cubs fan and had no clue alou was coming over to make a play.

    unfortunately, now i’m stuck with SEVEN world series tickets in new york for games 6 and 7. dear god (even though you don’t exist), PLEASE let the bosox win so i don’t have to deal with this!!!!!!!!

  5. Whoa, great find there Kel. Oh, I’m not trying to track him down so I can beat him or anything. Just curious. (Though I can’t guarantee that Joe Garberick wouldn’t take a swing at him.) 🙂

    They sell Series tickets before the teams are decided? I didn’t know that.

  6. what exactly happened here that makes touching the ball a big deal? i have almost no knowledge of the game of baseball…but it seems to me that a foul ball is a foul ball. why does touching it matter? (please be gentle, baseball fans)

  7. Because if a fielder catches a foul ball, no matter where it is, the batsman is out. The fielder in this case said that he was 100% sure he would’ve caught the ball if the guy had not interfered. Since it wasn’t caught, it was just regular foul ball that doesn’t count. The batter therefore survived and went on to get a walk; the Cubs collapsed; and the Marlins scored eight runs in one inning. Pretty crappy luck.

  8. Batsman? Someone has been watching entirely too much cricket.

  9. poor guy. and from Keenan too. that amuses me though I could have sworn he was from our class.

  10. Yeah, both AL teams sold tickets for the WS already. Cubs wouldn’t b/c they feared a jinx. Heh. Boston went a Friday ago, and it was IMPOSSIBLE. I tried for about an hour. Then the Yanks sold on Monday and I had my sister online, too, so I was able to get plenty of tix for Games 6 and 7. This was when the Cubs were up 3-1 in their series, and I CANNOT believe we blew it. I don’t know if I can bear to watch a Marlins-Yankees Series. I was near crying. Ok, I did cry. Only a little. Oh well… just adds to the insanity and lore and whatnot of the Cubbies. I almost wish I grew up a White Sox fan… ALMOST!

  11. Wrigley was a mess last night. Walking down there was very electric. Everyone had tvs pulled outside to watch in the yard and the police were out in full force. Billy Corgan of all people sang the 7th inning stretch. It was very cool for a while.

    Although this now explains why the guy had on a big goofy green turtleneck. 🙂

  12. I’m not even going to say who bought a Cubs division champion hat online that will probably arrive today and further my embarrassment. I did a LOT of smack-talking this week! And Kel, save those tickets if the damn Yankees DO win, because I would fly to New York just to boo both of those f*&king teams in the World Series! It ain’t right! BOO! BOOOOOOO!

  13. Nice catch, Dan. I totally didn’t even realize I did that. Hee. Although in my defense, maybe I was mentally compensating for the fact that Kristen was more likely to understand cricket terminology than baseball. Either that, or I’m truly being assimilated!

    GO BOSOX! I hope somebody frickin’ beans Roger “I’m a big stinky fatty” Clemens.

  14. so what is the technical term for someone at bat in baseball?

  15. A batter. And a fieldsman is a fielder. They sound a little more childish, but I like the fact that they’re gender-neutral.

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