iTunes for Windows is now available as a free download, which means all you American PC lusers can now purchase music from the iTunes music store to your hearts’ content while we loyal Apple fans that happen to live overseas cannot. Not that I’m bitter or anything.


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  1. i know! i keep hoping one day they will get off their arses and offer us an itunes store over here. but after hours after looking like a smurf i have stopped holding my breath.

  2. iTunes for Windows has an extra option that’s not in the Mac version. Error checking when importing from CDs. Sounds like a good option to me! iTunes for Mac is not good at handling beat-up CDs. Also, the visualizer is a lot smoother in Windows, but I guess maybe it’s time for me to admit that 3 year old G4 is not state of the art anymore. Other then that, iTunes for Windows is just weird. It does not conform to Windows rules. The maximize button doesn’t maximize. The menu is all weird looking and small; they squished it in up above the play/volume controls. They stuck with the brushed metal. If you thought it looked bad on a Mac, oh boy… Ok now I am going to go to the Mac fansites and see how 8 million people already beat me to these observations.

  3. Wow, it’s interesting that you found the visualizer smoother. I just read through nine(!) pages of comments at Slashdot and most people running both OSes said that the PC version was *much* choppier. Maybe it’s not running 100% right on your Mac to begin with…

  4. Yeah I dunno, the visualizer never ran so great for me. Not on my G4 and of course not on my iBook. But the G4 is 3 years old and the iBook 2. The XP box I ran iTunes on is 2 weeks old.
    Also, a correction: the new iTunes for Mac *does* have error correction. It must be a new option. Yay! So the Mac and PC versions are pretty much the same.

  5. Who cares about how it looks–I’m so freaking happy to have the store!

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