The Snook and I spent the best part of the afternoon today gardening. Yes, gardening. We needed to transplant our baby tomatoes and I’ve got lots of other veggies we need to start. (I found sweetcorn seedlings at Kmart! I told the Snook we had to get them. They’ll probably be hopelessly oversized for the space, but I like the idea of growing a little bit of Indiana here.) Anyway, we’ve got a triangular flower bed in the backyard that we thought would be perfect. Unfortunately all the rain we’ve had lately turned it into a total weed jungle! So we bought a hoe and the Snook did his best farmer imitation. Within an hour we had it clear. We planted my sweetcorn, ten tomato plants, and a jalapeno chili plant and then gave them all a good drink. (I also went berzerk on about two dozen slugs I found in the worm farm. But the less said about my slug rage, the better.) Here are some pictures…

Before     The triumphant farmer     After

Baby sweetcorn     Chili pepper plant

So that’s the before picture, Snookums the triumphant farmer, and the after version. Then a closeup of our sweetcorn and our chili plant. It’s not the greatest garden in the world, but it’s a pretty big accomplishment for two computer geeks!