Oh. My. God.

The Snook sans facial hair


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  1. What the huh??

  2. I don’t know! It sounds like Snookums, and it smells like Snookums, but it sure doesn’t look like Snookums! (And the pirate idea is long gone, obviously.)

  3. those are some Olympic sized sideburns.

  4. Pretty hot. I would like to grow a giant bushy 70s style mustache but I can’t really grow facial hair like that. I can only grow Al Gore beards. I bet the Snook could grow the full beard back in a mater of days. It’s in the genes.

  5. This is pretty much what he looked like when I first met him… although in truth, the sideburns were BIGGER. Honestly. He had muttonchops. He shaved them off though and started growing the goatee, which he’s had the whole time (3.5 years) we’ve been together. It’s so weird; he looks so much younger. It’s like my Snookums has been replaced by this weird clone!

  6. Woo, baby! Love his “come hither” stare. 😉

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