It’s time again for another brain-wracking, soul-sucking, time-wasting beeatch of a quiz! Can you identify these bands and TV personalities? Download this spreadsheet and save it to your hard drive. How many can you get? I’m up to twenty right now. I figure we can get them all if we collaborate. Post your answers in the comments.


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  1. Actually I’ve got 44 now. (Obligatory filler to hide comment on home page.) What can you fill in?

    Okay, from the top row, left to right: Batman, Village People, Forrest Gump, Kiss, the Sex Pistols

    Row 2: Hanson, ? ? ? ?

    Row 3: Guns N Roses, REM, ?, The Supremes, ?

    Row 4: Pele, Edward Scissorhands, Barry White, Mariah Carey, ?

    Row 5: ?, Chewbacca, MC Hammer, Buddy Holly, Hall and Oates

    Row 6: James Dean, ?, ABBA, ?, Fawlty Towers

    Row 7: ?, ?, ?, ?, The Young Ones

    Row 8: ?, ?, Mork and Mindy, ?, ?

    Row 9: ZZ Top, ?, ?, ?, Charlie Chaplin

    Row 10: ?, All Saints, ?, Shakira, Prince

    Row 11: ?, ?, ?, The Osbournes, ?

    Row 12: ?, ?, Grace Jones, ?, Ali G

    Row 13: The Spice Girls, ?, Beavis and Butthead, ?, ?

    Row 14: Jamiroquai, ?, ?, ?, Tatu

    Row 15: ?, ?, ?, Alanis Morrisette, ?

    Row 16: ?, Ghandi, The Jackson Five, the Bangles, ?

    Row 17: The A Team, ?, ?, ?, Simon and Garfunkel

    Row 18: Marilyn Manson, ?, Austin Powers, ?, ?

    Row 19: Scooby Doo, ?, Tina Turner, ?

    Row 20: ?

  2. I only got a few more…padding, padding, so commment won’t appear on the front page. Ok, here goes:

    Row 11: Friends,?, The Backstreet Boys, The Osbournes, ?
    Row 13: last picture is Rod Hull and Emu
    Row 14: 3rd picture is The Corrs
    Row 17: 3rd picture is The Bee Gees
    Row 18: 4th picture is Rolf Harris
    That’s all I can add…

    I can’t get Guns n’ Roses to go green -what is the correct spelling? How is the last one on row 3 not The Beatles? And row 7, picture 4 – gotta be Elvis, right? But I can’t get it to go green either…

  3. ooh, one more….insert more nonsense here to avoid appearing on the front page…think that’ll do:
    Ok – row 12: picture 2 is Queen.

    This quiz is disturbingly addictive.

  4. I think Guns N Roses is just the way I spelled it, without the punctuation. Did you try that?

    The Beatles on is pissing me off too. I also tried many permutations of The Monkees. No go.

    Shoot, I don’t have Excel here so I won’t be able to work on it again til I get back to the office. Oh, darn. 🙂

  5. I’m ashame dot admint this. Inbetween Jamiroquai and Friends is “the cheeky girls” really. Also to the left of ghandi is “Morecambe and Wise” and “sigue sigue sputnik” to the right of scooby doo.

  6. row 8, first one “Tommy Cooper”

  7. Ok. nonsense nonsense nonsense…here goes:

    Row 2, #3 is Nelly.

    Row 3, #3 is Slipknot and #5 is Snoop Doggy Dogg

    Row 4, #5 is The Monkees

    Row 6, #2 is Christina Aguilera

    and Row 20 is Wu Tang Clan. I called my 17 yr old brother and thanked him for trying to be all “gangsta”; without his help, I wouldn’t have known. =)

  8. OOOOOOOOO!!! To the right of ABBA is Meatloaf!!!! And on ZZ Top’s row in the middle is Culture Club.

  9. here’s a couple for now:
    Row 19, #4 = ac/dc
    Row 17, #2 = the thompson twins

  10. Filler, filler, filler, filler.

    row 8, #2 is Bay City Rollers and #4 is Rick Astley
    row 17, #4 is The Specials
    row 18, #2 is Simple Minds

  11. You guys are amazing!

  12. Ok, I have 68 out of 95. Somebody, give me the answers!!!

  13. Some of these are so frustrating; right on the tip of my tongue.

    Row 13 the Police

  14. Row 7, #1 = dire straits
    Either Row 8, #4 or Row 15, #5 HAS to be the fonz/fonzie, but i can’t get a green. what’s his full name?

  15. Arthur Fonzarelli, I think. Does that work? That one seems weird, given that most of these are UK-related.

  16. mia, I finished it, if you REALLY want the answers. (help from my bros and niece)

    fonz worked for me.

  17. Okay, got a few more… 7-2 is Robbie Williams, 7-3 is Madness; 7-4 is Gary Glitter. 8-5 is Boney M. 15-2 is Slade. 16-5 is Busta Rhymes.

    I’m up to 77 now. I can’t get the Emu one to go in; what’d you put? And as an aside, where are there two people making out behind Meatloaf??

  18. One more for you – weird how these things permeate your brain and then just seem to pop out of nowhere.

    Row 7, picture 2: Robbie Williams

  19. “Rod Hull and Emu” worked for me…

  20. Ha! Beat you by two seconds. 🙂

    (Actually credit for that one goes to the Snook.)

  21. Oh. My. God. I was entering “Rod Hull and Emu Row”. I’m an idiot.

  22. I was entering that, too! B/C I saw it as “Rod Hull and Emu Row.” Never heard of them. Also tried Rodd Hull and Emu Row… then tried just Rod Hull (and Rodd Hull), and just Emu Row. Nothing. Idiot here as well. But seriously, who are they? I haven’t heard of a lot of these people…

  23. Dude. Row #11, last one is some group called Cameo – that’s per Lovey. they sung that song, “Word Up”. i had no idea.

  24. Rod Hull and Emu had a childrens television show when I was a kid in the UK – I think it was set in a windmill. I believe it involved different guests coming to the door and knocking, and then the entire audience chanted “There’s somebody at the door, there’s somebody at the door.” until Rod and Emu opened it. Emu was quite scary. He was a big puppet, but he was quite vicios, and always trying to peck people.

    That aside – here are two more for you: ZZ Top row, picture #2 is Gareth Gates and picture #4 is Boyzone.

  25. I thought Word Up was by a scottish group called Gun?

  26. Ok, children…. gather around and check out the goodies Auntie Mimi brought you!!!!

    2-4: bananarama
    9-2: Gareth Gates
    10-1: nickel back
    10-3: mel and kim
    11-2: morrissey
    12-4: atomic kitten

    lovey and i decifered the rest, but i’m not going to be a party pooper and ruin it for ya’ll. if you want it, email me. Muah. xxx M

  27. per lovey, “unless cameo redid it, i have no frickin’ idea.” He’s such a boy. Kris, did you get my email about the adkins thingy?

  28. Not yet, Mia; it probably went to the home computer. (No access here at the office.) I’ll get it at home tonight.

  29. You are an evil person for posting this so I can download it while at work.

  30. some git at work has just sent out another one! I haven’t finsihed this one yet.

    Oh yeah the bottom row is wu tang clan/

  31. to the left of chewie is leo sayer

    oh someone already got wu tang clan.

  32. to the left of chewie is leo sayer

    oh someone already got wu tang clan.

  33. Kristen, Word Up was orginally done by Cameo. Gun did a cover-version in the 90s.

  34. yep. it was 1994.

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