Gah. Australian Idol is a friggin’ tragedy. The two best singers scored the least votes, and the amazingly talented Paulini got booted. Meanwhile the two big bland white dorks go through for another week. I give up. I’m not voting anymore and I’m not watching. The Australian public has let me down in a big way.


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  1. damn f*ing stright! This is just sick and wrong. I can’t believe that Shannon is still in there. blah!

  2. The worst part is how it’s become, like, this big personal battleground. There’s this annoying cow in my office who was bleating on today about how much she liked Shannon and how I was so wrong to prefer Paulini and I just know that she’s going to be a Smug Princess all day tomorrow. GAH. Stupid show.

  3. just tell her that the masses adore mediocrity! it’s in the bag that maximus dorkus will win now. and then he can go on and record an album of pubrock anthems… at least paulini and the others will be able to gain record contracts and do things their own way… the idol winner will be forced to submit to the will of dicko and his minions.
    and then i will laugh! laugh i tell you!

  4. Australian Idol isn’t about talent. I don’t watch Video Hits for the music, I watch it for tits and bums, otherwise I’d just listen to the radio.
    Anna Kournikova isn’t idolised for her tennis ability. Keanu Reeves for his diverse acting ability? Jaime Oliver for his culinary skills? Bjork and U2 surely can’t be idolised for their music! (this might get me into trouble. Better remain anon)

  5. Fair enough. I love me some Britney, and I don’t think that a pop idol necessarily has to be talented. They can just be interesting and hot. That’s the problem. Shannon and Cosima AREN’T. Shannon’s a decent looking guy, but Justin Timberlake he is NOT. He can’t even dance, not even a little bit! And Cosima looks like Cherie Blair. She’s got bug eyes and she’s too skinny. The last finalist with any real personality or spark was Millsy, and he got voted out because he was shagging too many groupies. (At least, that’s my theory.) He’d have made a GREAT idol. But given the four that were left, I’ll take talent over boredom anyday.

    (And hee! I like to rip on U2 too.)

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