I am utterly disgusted over tonight’s Australian Idol results. I know, I know… I said I wasn’t going to watch anymore or vote. I got sucked back in. I voted for Guy three times today in the hopes that he’d go through and Celine – I mean, Cosima – would get dropped. It started out well. I cheered as they announced that Guy was safe. I knew that Cosima’s number was up. I sat through the commercial break gleefully waiting for her to get the big news… and instead she announced that she’s got a temporary voice problem and she’s dropping out. WHAT? She quit! She quit just before she got booted! She robbed me of knowing that my votes were responsible for kicking her out! How crappy is that? The hosts didn’t even bother reading the final results, which I think was pretty weak. Poor Shannon is going to spend the next two weeks thinking that he doesn’t really deserve to be there. All because Cosima had to quit before they announced that she’d lost. Who drops out when it’s down to three because of a little case of laryngitis?! Idols fight through that stuff; they don’t pack it in. That sucks.

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  1. there has been a rumour floating around for a while now that she has nodules on her throat, but i just wonder if she is trying to take her delta-emulation a little too far,

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