The Herald published my letter… and the bastards gutted it! That’s literally less than half, and they cut the whole bit about crusty old curmudgeons who pooh-pooh everybody else’s fun. That was the whole damn point!


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  1. boy, you’re not wrong about gutting it!
    it doesn’t even seem like a response to that guy’s anti-american rant…

  2. EXACTLY. It makes me sound like an idiot! The bit about the trick-or-treating rules was just the set-up for my rebuttal. (An excerpt: “This will hopefully make Halloween go smoother next year but I can’t guarantee that antisocial teenagers won’t continue to egg the houses of snotty neighborhood curmudgeons. Some things never change.”) I’m pissed.

  3. did you publish your full letter somewhere on this site? i’d be interested to read the original version compared to the gutted one.

    hey, at least they published something. that means a real person must’ve read your rant somewhere along the line. maybe that person learned a thing or two. maybe.

  4. No… Unfortunately I’ve lost it. I sent it from work via my Yahoo account and I didn’t save it to my Sent items. D’oh! “This is not the greatest rant in the world… This is a tribute.” 🙁

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