In case any other Australians are wondering, the version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that plays during the Dulux paint commercial is by a Hawaiian guy called Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. Rodd and I both love the song so he tracked it down. It’s actually a medley with “What a Wonderful World.” I love it. If you can find it, download it.


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  1. it’s also from the sountrack from the film finding forrester and also the er episode where green dies…. pretty easily nabbed from kazaa

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for that. I was wondering why such an obscure cover was so popular…

  3. kris, you’re a saint! i was trying to find info on it.
    kel, i KNEW i had heard it on some show… but i couldn’t remember what… you have saved my brain from hurting.

  4. It works great in the commercial, doesn’t it? Makes me want to paint our walls red.

  5. Thanks have been looking for it for days! its an excellent remix.

  6. Just wanna say I’ve managed to download it via Kazza…feel a little sorry now that I know the original Singer has actually passed on in 1997.

    The ‘it’ is the Dulux commercial song.

  7. How funny! My friend Mary just put it on a mix for me. Love it.

  8. just sent an email- to Dulux australia.
    All of us at work love this song and are all hungry for a full rendition.
    You guys have more info on this than many places i’ve been to in the past 4hrs of searching

  9. Glad to help, Dreem! Yeah, I poked around the Dulux site the other night and was disappointed at their lack of information on it. (Who cares what breed the stupid dog is?) I think your best bet for finding it is either to locate the Finding Forrester soundtrack or look around on some of the file-trading sites.

  10. Thanks heaps. I did a search for it in Kazaa and was naturally given about 1000 options. You certainly saved me some time and bandwidth. Cheers

  11. Just wanted to day THANK YOU very much, i have been trying to figure out who sings the dulux song for ages. Thank you again.

  12. Thankyou! I couldn’t stand it initially and now I hang out for it, the ignorance was killing me, brain saved!

  13. Thanks for finding the Dulux song. We’ve been searching for some time, off and on, because it appeals to us so much. One night of searching on google with the right order of search words, and I found your link. Thanks! Karron in NZ

  14. Wow, I’m glad so many folks are finding this post helpful!

  15. I was given a copy of the song by a friend I met a week ago.I was feeling sad. Today just over a week later I have given the song to a good friend to play at her father’s funeral in two days..what more can I say..”it touched my soul.”

  16. thanks so much!!!! i finally managed to find the song that the dulux ad played!! i’ve been trying and trying.. and thanks to you i’ve finally found it x)

  17. Thank you, a friend loaned us a cd, we played this song at our wedding – and then the cd went missing – not only will I be able to replace the song, but have a copy to keep.

  18. Yip, got to say, youre a gem

  19. Israel Kamakawiwo`ole’s song Somewhere over the rainbow is also the end credits song for the movie Meet Joe Black…..

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