New Poll: In honor of my brother Antny’s big milestone this week, what did you do on your 21st birthday?


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  1. Very lame 21st — It was summer so was home & far from any of my college friends… so went to Red Robin (burger place with long drinks list) with my MOTHER. Turns out I’d gone to high school with the waitress, so she wasn’t going to card me until my mom said “Don’t you want to see her ID? She’s 21 today!” Then after 1 drink each (champagne for me, Irish coffee for her) *I* had to drive home because my mom was tipsy already… sigh.

    And I guess I’ve been making up for it ever since… or at least since I’ve moved to England!

  2. Went to The Improv (comedy club) and had one legal drink. 🙂

  3. I actually was in America for my birthday, but it wasn’t a big deal, because I’d been drinking for a few years by then!

    My 21st was great though. My family threw a surprise party that was actually a surprise. They invited the few people that I knew in Austin and we took a boat trip up and down town lake. We drank wine and ate finger food and cake. It was fun.

  4. I had a unicorn and pirate themed at home dinner party. My dog ate off the table. Incidently, Clinton wore a pirate hat from said party to your Halloween party! I think I skived off class that day too!

  5. My 21st was sad because I was in college and should have had a great blow-out, but didn’t. I didn’t turn 21 until half-way through senior year, so everyone else had already had their birthdays (which I couldn’t attend, of course).

    Anyway, it was a Thursday night, but most of my friends were too busy (and one was quite sick & in the infirmiry) to go out. So I went to see a play with a couple of friends and then had my one free drink at the campus bar and went home.

  6. Mine came the semester I was studying in London so it wasn’t a big deal. We just went down to our local pub to play darts and drink beer. Afterwards back at the flat my girlfriends had a surprise for me – a stripper! Well, not really. We were all mad for “The Full Monty” (the movie) back then so they hired one of the guys in our class to do a little dance in his boxers. It was hilarious. (Thank you, Rob Sudduth!) 🙂

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