Kirsty has created a page for all her knitting projects. They’re gorgeous. I especially love the Shooting Stars Jacket. I feel a sudden surge of inspiration!

[Fellow Knitters: That jacket looks like a raglan, right? I’m wondering if I could Sweater Workshop it and thus knit it without seams. The only difficulty would be doing the sleeves in a different color from the body. I guess I’d need to do a kind of intarsia-thing, where I’d twist the two colors together there at the raglan seamline to keep it from falling apart. Hmmm… may be worth thinking about. Done in cotton, this could be an awesome jacket for the fall. Ooh ooh ooh! Now I’m picturing it with a hood!]


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  1. hmm, yeah, you could do it like the cardigan in Sweater Workshop and just skip the buttons and add the zip. That should work.

  2. wow, thanks kris!

    yep, the jacket’s raglan. i’ve never knitted anything in the round though so i’ve not got very much idea how you’d convert it. it sounds to me like it’d work with an intarsia thing happening at the seams. i’d rather do the seams than have all those balls of yarn tangling themselves up in my lap though!

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