Australian Idol is finished… and the good Guy won!
I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I watched the whole damn show. I liked seeing Courtney Act again (he has better legs than me!) and Stu is pretty cool. I winced all through Rebecca’s song. (If I never hear “I Believe I Can Fly” again I’ll die happy.) Marcia Hines is a legend. Once they got inside, I cheered when Millsy sauntered out for his song. “Now that’s a pop idol,” I said. “Yeah, he shagged the biggest hootchie in the world!” Rodd replied. Does anybody else think Cle is kinda weird? I admit I rolled my eyes when they all launched in to “I Still Call Australia Home.” (I thought you Australians weren’t super patriotic?) The Snook and I had a running argument over whether Shannon’s stupid coat was more Matrix or Garth Brooks. I can’t believe after six months he still doesn’t know how to move on stage. He was fiddling with his coat in the middle of his song! I was so happy when Guy won. He totally deserved it, even if he is a little troll doll.

By the way, I’m taking Guy’s victory as a sign that the Wallabies will win this Saturday. I’m normally a huge jinx but in the past few weeks all the teams/people I’ve cheered for have won: Australia, Notre Dame, Guy. Obviously I’ve tapped into the fates of the universe. Australia will win the World Cup!

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  1. Garth Brooks, for sure.

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