England win. Well done, Poms. That was a fantastic game of rugby. England squeaked it out on a drop goal from Wilkinson with less than a minute to go in extra time. You couldn’t have scripted it better.

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  1. Amazing. I was tearing my hair out from the tension!! What a game.

  2. I’ve been loving the shots of the teams afterwards. I seriously got tears in my eyes when Martin Johnson finally got the trophy and smiled for the first time. Those guys really deserved it. And the Australians have just been truly gracious in defeat. I couldn’t be prouder of them.

  3. yeah, it’s all been rather emotional. greegen was incredibly gracious during the post-game interview.

  4. Did you see him with his little kid? ADORABLE. (And PS – I have a mega crush on Lote Tuqiri. He is the most physically perfect athlete I’ve ever seen in my life.)

  5. Tuqiri is indeed hot. Rrrrrow.

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