Good grief. I am warning you ladies, only go to this site if you feel the need to work up some truly righteous feminist anger: Bitter Old Assholes. (That’s not the real title, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to Google-bomb the jerks.) It’s all about how men shouldn’t marry “Western” women because we’re all money-grubbing selfish man-hating whores. Darn, they’re on to us, girls!


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  1. vitrol without brains. it’s not even worth getting upset about. besides, if that’s what american men think, then aren’t you glad you found an aussie?!

  2. I took a look at the site, and just felt sorry for these obviously bitter, lonely men (not immediately obvious whether they were old 😉 ).

  3. i wouldn’t want to marry a gold-digging, self-involved person who uses sex as a weapon, either, but i can’t believe that those kinds of women are anything but an anomaly. to say that all American women are like that is both amusing and absurd. this guy is just some guy who couldn’t get a date for the prom and wants the mythical maid-whore combo for a wife. he’s just making a preemptive strike with his whole No Marriage campaign because he knows deep down that no self-respecting woman would want to commit herself to him.

  4. hahahahaha this is a joke site right. Please say it is. Looks to me he’s trying to sell a book to simple deluded fools that can’t get a girlfriend. Kind of like the reverse of “I can’t get a job so I’ll blame the asylum seakers for taking the shitty jobs I don’t want to do”.

    I’ve spent time in Europe (strange that 🙂 and in the US and in Brasil. Yes there are differences but its a whole attitude thing of everyone. Obviously he is living is a different less enlightened age.

    Maybe the women he meets use sex as a weapon as he’s so rubbish that its the only way they can bear to do it with him….

  5. I don’t think it’s a joke, Martin. There was a nasty Metafilter thread about it with at least one guy that agreed with the premise. Of course, it turns out that he’s just bitter over a divorce, but there are still guys out there think this way. Sad. I think you hit the nail on the head with your asylum seeker analogy. That was brilliant.

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