Remember that old commercial for Rice Krispies, where the Mom was making Rice Krispie Treats and faking how labor-intensive it was to her family? And at the end, she even threw flour on her face to get more sympathy? That’s totally how I was today. I had an evil craving for some peanut-butter treats last night so I made them and took them into the office today. Most of the Australians had never had them before. It was awesome. People were like, “Oh my gosh, these are so good! You’re so nice to go to all this trouble!” I got, like, ten million office karma points. It’s a nice way to end the week.


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  1. recipe please….

  2. Heh. That’s the joke. There isn’t one. Well, technically they’ve got one listed at the Kellogg’s site, but I didn’t bother following it. Here ya go:

    1. Whack a big knob of butter in a big saucepan and melt it.

    2. Dump in a bunch of marshmallows and stir til they’re melty. I used about 500 grams.

    3. Stir in a couple big spoonfuls of peanut butter if desired.

    4. Turn off heat and start stirring in rice krispies by the cupful. Stop when you can’t stir any longer. For me that was around six cups.

    5. Scrape out as best you can onto a buttered cookie sheet. Moosh it out flat into a uniformly thick slab (like, say, an inch thick). I buttered my hands and used them since my wooden spoon was totally encrusted at this point.

    6. Wait for them to cool. Cut and eat!

    Actual preparation time was, like, ten minutes. The hardest part is cleaning your pan afterwards. The key is just to get it in hot water right after you get the mixture out so it doesn’t stick.

    They’re so. damn. good. Unfortunately I ate, like, six myself so I was feeling sick all afternoon. 🙂

  3. Rice Krispies are Rice Bubbles? (Or is that the other way around?)

  4. Mr Wrong, same thing.

    thanks for hooking me up with that recipe.
    I’m going to the grocery this morning and I think those might be on the list!

  5. They sound yummy. I’m a major fan of Chocolate Crackles but will have to try this out. Thanks!

  6. hey, I made the peanutbutter Rice Krispie treats this weekend
    Thanks for that.

  7. I really like your style of measuring ingredients.Much better than Tbl,tsp,1/4tsp ,etc.

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