The Australian Labor Party (which is pretty much equivalent to the Democratic Party in the US) have finally chosen a new leader: Mark Latham. This is the guy who called John Howard an “arse-licker”. Awesome. Now I only wish I could vote in the next general election.


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  1. Would you really vote for a person that looks so much like our Smithy?!!
    (Latham also called Howard ‘Bonsai’….
    he’s a ‘little bush’.)

  2. He does look like Chris! I didn’t realize. Heck yeah I’d still vote for him! Then maybe if he got to be PM, Chris could get a job as his stand-in. 🙂

    My new favorite Latham phrase is “conga line of suckholes”.

  3. I’m a big Labor supporter and although I think Latham is pretty risky, at least it’s given us some hope. If anything, I think he’ll force Australians to start thinking about things like healthcare and education again. Things that actually affect voters lives in a real way, unlike exaggerated propaganda about terrorists and boat people. And yeah, the George Bush ‘arse-licker’ line is a classic 🙂

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