Damn. TGI Friday’s now has an Atkins menu! That is too cool. It actually looks fairly tasty too. Now, if only there was one on this continent… (Link courtesy of Tricia.)

Update: There are actually three in Australia! Too bad they’re all in Victoria. I sense a road trip coming on…


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  1. Other mega-chains like Applebee’s and Ruby Tuesdays have new Atkins menus as well (maybe not officially-sanctioned ones, but they’re really pushing the “new low-carb menu options”). I haven’t tried any of them yet–it takes more than some lettuce wraps to get me away from my beloved (Atkins-UNfriendly) Chili’s.

  2. Mmmm… Chili’s. Chips and ranch. Fajitas. Mmmm. I made Rodd take me there for lunch while we were in Boston. So carboriffic but so goooood.

  3. TGI’s always reminds me of that irritating place the workers eat at in Office Space. But the food is actually okay. Fajitas rock!

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