Two More Monkeys…

Two more monkeys…
I had hoped that this week would finally mark the end of my sock-monkey-making labours, but it’s not to be. I made the fellow on the left there for my friend Kyrenia, who’s leaving our company and moving to Melbourne with her boyfriend. (Check out his jaunty wool scarf; it gets cold in Melbourne!) To my chagrin, the entire office fell in love with him and I had requests for three more. I couldn’t say no. I’ll be sewing blasted sock monkeys til I die! The rockstar monkey on the right is at long last being shipped off tomorrow to Adrien. His scarf is knitted from eyelash yarn and it’s so tomorrow, you know. If I have to make the damn things, I can at least make them fashionable. 🙂

Kyrenia's Monkey     Adrien's Monkey


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  1. ok, Tell me how to make one of these things, I simply must have one! (and I would not want you to make yet one more!)

    Where did you get the long-ass stripy socks? Are you using the same sock monkey pattern I’ve seen on the ‘net?

    I am in love.

  2. Socks = $4 on sale at Kmart. 🙂

    Pattern = pretty much the same one everybody else on the Net uses, with a few tweaks I’ve figured out from making so darn many

    Hmm, maybe I should take photos when I make the next batch and post a tutorial…

  3. Ooooh, I LOVE HIM! I cannot wait! Yay!

  4. hi. i have a sudden obsession with sock monkeys are those ones are great!

  5. Shelby, you might be interested in my sock monkey tutorial then…

  6. Martha Kennedy

    May 20, 2004 — 3:54 am

    I don’t know how to make a good ear. Is there any way to make them easy and to look right?

  7. Martha – did you check out my tutorial linked a few comments above? That’s the only way I know to make an ear.

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