Ladies and gentlemen, I present my RSS feed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present my RSS feed. I went with version 0.92 (for now). I started by downloading NetNewsWire and subscribing to several blogs and news sites. Then I went through to find the ones that looked best in my aggregator. Based on their XML and this sample PHP script, I put together a bit of code that actually manages to validate. If you use a different aggregator, please let me know how it looks to you or if you’d prefer a different format. Thanks!

Oh, and if any GoddessBlog users want the code for themselves, just let me know. It’ll take you less than ten minutes to implement.

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  1. Cool! And if anyone else on here uses LiveJournal and wants to watch on their friends page, it’s lj user=”web_goddess”. Now I can keep track of every time you update! Heh.

  2. Neat! I didn’t know you could do that!

  3. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

    Oh, and the feed for my journal is:
    y’know, if you were curious.

  4. So hey, wait. Have you made me a user? Does that mean I can use that name to leave comments for people? I’m confused.

  5. No, the web_goddess account is a syndicated account, so you can’t use that to log in; it just collects your RSS feed.

    But I can create an account for you if you want to be able to leave comments for people. [Or you could create one — they took away invite codes last week, so anyone can get a LiveJournal now.] I know my way around though, so if you’d like me to set one up for you, just let me know what to call it. (15 characters, only numbers, letters or underscores)

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