BBC Reviews iPod Ads

The BBC has reviewed the latest round of iPod advertising and they think it’s pretty cool. I was surprised to read that there are three different songs that show with the commercials. Here in Oz I’ve only ever seen the one with the Jet song (which would be the “garage rock” of the three, I’m guessing). I wonder if that’s because they’re an Aussie band…


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  1. The new iPod commercials have been all over pay TV, especially the music channels, where I think I’ve seen the one featuring the techno song. Great, dynamic ads.

  2. But you have streamed the rest, right?

    As a fan of the Black Eyed Peas, the Hey Mama one really got to me… I think I’ll be getting an iPod shortly now that I’ve saved up for a while. Heh, being a student bites, but you feel great for scraping together that kind of money and spending it on something frivolous 🙂

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