More Australian Linguistic Weirdness

More Australian Linguistic Weirdness
Today I discovered that popsicles are called “icy poles” in Australia. I nearly spat mine out.


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  1. eww. did not know that. ‘fairy floss’ is my favourite australian slightly-strange food name.

  2. Really? What is fairy floss called elsewhere?? 🙂

  3. Hee!! I still like “beverage whitener.”

  4. claire – in the uk, fairy floss is candy floss, and in the us, it is cotton candy. (i think it’s that way round, anyway).

  5. in ireland an icecream that you buy from a van is called a poke. i burst out laughing the first time i heard a girl say to her boyfriend at one of those vans “billy, do you wanna poke?”

  6. Ha! That’d be a good trick to play on a tourist, Robert. Imagine them walking up to the ice cream man saying, “I’d like a poke, please.” 🙂

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