Quake in California!

Whoa, earthquake in California! No word from my sister yet…

Update: The Snook managed to reach her on the phone. I guess her office is on the ground floor so she was fairly underwhelmed. Darn her! She’s ruining the perfectly good stereotype of the transplanted Midwesterner who freaks out at her first tremor.


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  1. He heard wrong – we’re on the third floor of a 16-story building, and I was on the phone when it happened. Wasn’t really paying attention, but I did hear a big “SMASH!” at one point, which was someone’s paper clip holder falling off her desk. Lance, a coworker, said his window shades were rattling and others say they could feel the building swaying. I, ever full of bullshit myself, accused everyone else of being full of it, and pranced down to go to the coffee place down the street. When I got out of the elevator, like 50 people were milling around in our lobby and outside of the building, and all the big buildings down the street were being emptied out. One had firetrucks outside it. I was like, “Hmm…” hoping it had nothing to do with a terrorist attack, as Dan was supposed to be boarding a plane at that exact moment just blocks away at LAX. (I had my car randomly searched this morning when I dropped him off. That was interesting.)

    Anyway, I have yet to go home and assess any damage. I *just* nearly bought earthquake insurance with my renter’s insurance a few weeks ago, too, because the salesman assured me we were “due” in soCal. Then I decided the $8/mo. wasn’t worth it or something. (Hmm.)

    I’m worried because I’ve got some wonky pipes below our place that occasionally make these grinding, whining, sad-sounding noises for no reason. I’d say if we could feel this on the 3rd floor of a big building, that those pipes below my tiny place might have felt it even stronger. I just hope my apartment isn’t exploded or burned down or anything. 🙁 Oh well, I *did* get the fire insurance.

    p.s. the phone call from rodd was one of thee most random experiences ever, btw. i’m like, “rodd? why are you calling me?” [thinking: they’re getting married they’re getting married she beat me to it they’re getting married] and he says, “your sister told me to call you.”
    me: “why? why didn’t she just call me herself?”
    him: “she’s at work.”
    me: “what are you doing?”
    him: “i’m at home. what are you doing?”
    me: “working.”
    him: “did you feel the earthquake?”
    and so forth. except in monotone. i love rodd.)

  2. That. Was. Hilarious. Somebody mentioned the quake when I got to work so I called him (he’s off for Christmas) and told him to call you. When I called him back later he was like, “Your sister thinks I’m crazy now.” 🙂

    And what are you doing in LA anyway? I heard a rumor that you were going to be in Philly or something…

  3. Hey Amy I know I didnt call but I figured everybody else would and besides if anybody can handle a little quake I knew you would be the one. Seems ya must have inherited my calm rational demeanor….who would ah guessed that….

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