Cupcakes and Monkey

It was a creative kind of night. I finished yet another sock monkey (a Christmas gift for the daughter of co-worker Dean) and a big tray of cupcakes for our Christmas Eve office luncheon. They’re yellow cake mix – from scratch! – with flavored frosting and “hundreds and thousands” on top. (That’s what Aussies call “sprinkles”.) I know the blue isn’t really seasonal, but I ran out of red food colouring during the whole Halloween “bloody cupcake” debacle and I didn’t feel like running out for more. Based on the samples the Snook and I had tonight, they’re pretty darn tasty regardless. Please imagine that if I was next to you right now, I’d be handing one over this instant. Merry Christmas!

Monkey     Cupcakes

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  1. oooh, cupcakes look good, and sock monkey is cute as ever. want to share the recipe ;o)? or perhaps i should just google for yellow cake recipe… i’ve been baking up a storm over the past week – mince pies, choc cake, choc cup cakes, apple pie – to the extent that people have started stopping by my desk on their way to tea break to see whether i’ve got any goodies. heh.

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