Vanilla Diet Coke is dead to me

Today I had my first Vanilla Diet Coke since discovering the joys of plain Diet Coke plus Absolut Vanilia and I have to say… it sucked. After the first mouthful I checked the expiration date just to make sure it wasn’t off. The vanilla flavour was just wrong. It’s not as sweet as the vodka version and the taste is more synthetic. I can’t believe I never noticed before. I’m now fairly confident in pronouncing that adding vanilla vodka to plain Coke is infinitely preferable to adding plain vodka to vanilla Coke. The contrast is just staggering. Vanilla Diet Coke is dead to me now.


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  1. Like raisins and coconut flakes, Vanilla Coke (and, one can only assume, Vanilla Diet Coke) is from the devil. Truly horrid. I’m sorry you had to experience that, Kris (I love that you thought it had “gone bad,” though–that pretty much sums up the taste experience).

  2. I have been drinking a lot diet vanilla coke cocktails b/c I decided to reduce beer intake. I disdained the idea of a whole bottle of vodka just for one flavor, but now I will have to try it. But is flavored vodka as Atkins friendly? Anyway, I have to say, after mixing diet sodas for awhile I had some regular vanilla coke the other day and it tasted like the sweet nectar of the gods by comparison. I like the vanilla and cherry lines.

  3. But I used to like Vanilla Diet Coke! It’s only since I tried the Absolut Vanilla that the Coke version is now unpalatable. 🙁

    I’m not sure about its Atkins-friendliness just yet, Dan. I haven’t been able to find any nutritional information for it. This page seems to indicate that it’s made using natural vanilla, I’d guess by just infusing it. (You can do it yourself with plain vodka and vanilla beans.) If that’s the case, it probably doesn’t have any more affect on low-carb diets than plain vodka.

  4. I spoke to an Atkins nutritionist here at my hospital and the official word is flavored vodkas are absolutely Atkins-friendly. I don’t have a link source for it, but I trust this lady. I guess the bigger problem with that mix would be the soda, not the vodka.

    It’s all about the Absolut Vanilla or the Vanilla Stoli. I wouldn’t have even thought about trying Vanilla Coke with plain vodka but then that’s just me being a dumb-ass.

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