His Dark Materials pictures

I was excited to see this review (with accompanying photo gallery) for the stage production of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials books at the Royal National in London. It sounds interesting, to say the least. I can’t believe they cut the character of Mary Malone! Granted, you could trim a lot of her story out with the weird motorcycle-animals, but she fulfills a pretty crucial role in Lyra’s temptation. In terms of casting, wow, Will is pretty darn cute! I think Timothy Dalton would make a great Lord Asriel (though Terence Stamp, who did the voice on the BBC radio production, would be better). The daemons look pretty cool. But, my, Mrs. Coulter looks old! I thought of her as much younger and prettier. Isn’t that part of her charm and attraction? (Link courtesy of Max.)


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  1. I hate to admit that yet again, I’m behind the curve on what appears to be the “it” series of books. When did Pullman’s series come out and when did all the cool people start reading and loving it? Honestly, I JUST found a little hard copy book called “Lyra’s Oxford” which looked awesome and it was only after doing some research that I discovered the “Dark Materials” connection. I have it on my list to read but am I like beyond redemption for waiting so long to discover this?

    Thank God I have you cool, pretty people to keep me in the cultural know.

  2. I was dubious about the use of puppets on stage, but they look very cool and scary–almost ethereal (exactly the way I imagine the daemons).

    Don’t worry, Beau, you’re not behind the times. If these books were true Harry-Potter-sized sensations, there would be book-burnings left and right (let’s just say they aren’t very God-friendly). _The Golden Compass_ (aka _Northern Lights_) is my number one recommendation right now to students who come to me and ask for “a good book to read.” (_The Secret History_ is number two.)

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