Gollum up for an Oscar?

Roger Ebert doesn’t think Andy Serkis should necessarily be nominated for an acting Oscar for his work on Return of the King. Hmm. I disagree. I can see what he means about all the extra work the technical guys did, but I think you could still nominate him on the basis of the vocal performance. As Ebert’s letter writer mentions, wasn’t there a lot of talk about Robin Williams being nominated for Aladdin a few years back? I think Serkis easily eclipsed that performance.

And by the way, I hope you all used your Christmas break to catch up on the Oscar contenders… because the Web-Goddess Second Annual Oscar Contest is coming soon!


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  1. Aww c’mon Aladdin was awesomne.

  2. Apparently he copied the sound his Siamese cats used to make to get Gollum’s voice.
    I’m surprised he had any voice left after the end of it…

  3. In a documentary on the A&E channel last Sunday, Serkis did admit that not only the sound but also the neck/head movement of Gollum came straight from his cats coughing up hairballs. For some reason, I just think that’s awesome.

    You’re right about the Robin Williams Oscar buzz a few years ago, Kris–I don’t think anyone was raising objections then. Just one more reason for the world to despise Robin Williams (I think that brings the total to 4,227).

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