web-goddess Oscar Contest 2004

It’s that time again! The Oscar nominees have been announced and the web-goddess Oscar Contest 2004 starts today. First prize is, of course, a sock monkey. (If you already have one of my sock monkeys, a doggie will instead be offered.) Current predictions can be seen here. Only one entry per person and you can’t make changes, so only enter once you’re really sure! But then again, entry date is the ultimate tiebreaker so you don’t want to put it off too long. Good luck!

Special thanks to my friend Mardi of soulcreative who designed the awesome logo for me. She’s a designer. You should hire her.


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  1. wait, what’s the tiebreaker? the dead people, or the date/time you submit?

  2. The tiebreaker is the dead people… but if there’s a tie there, the date/time is the ultimate one. It’s all in the rules, silly head! 🙂

  3. Hmmm, my results page seems to be having some issues. I’m working on it.

  4. Results page is fixed! And Kel, your “roomie” cracked me up. 🙂

  5. yowza! very impressive set up ya got here. 🙂

  6. love the oscar sock monkey logo. hate the way hollywood types refer to “Oscar” like it’s an actual person. random fact- a bunch of scenes from Mystic River were filmed in my neighborhood.

  7. Once again I have no idea but this comp is so much fun anyway! Thanks for running it again Kris.

  8. No problem… Thanks for all the entries, folks!

  9. i was looking forward to you doing this again, kris! you rock!
    it’s harder this year as there are so many ong shots… but i have a sneaking suspicion it will be either naomi or keisha who will take best actress. and of course, it is always hard voting against who you want to win!

  10. Hey…I never got my sock monkey I won last year…:(

  11. I finally saw RotK last night. I didn’t have very high hopes after TTT. But now I have to admit it is a very legit contender. It was the best of the 3 movies by a wide margin.

  12. Ack! Wait, you didn’t get yours, Sara? This is what I get for trusting Surface Mail. Please send me your address again and I’ll make you a new one.

  13. That’s okay Kris, no need to make me a new one, unless of course I kick butt again this year! I have the directions you posted here not too long ago so perhaps I’ll attempt to make my own…

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