World traveler, my ass.

World traveler, my ass. According to this site, I’ve only visited 5% of the world countries. (That’s 13, to be exact.) Most of ’em were in Europe, and quite a few were mere airport stopovers. See, I told you I’m not really that interesting.


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  1. man, i only got 4%. i feel boring.

  2. Yikes, 4% here too. Plus, I guess I’ve never been south of the equator.

  3. i got 18/8%, but that includes 5 continents… no too bad, but gotta get to africa!

  4. 18/8% as well. It’s time to plan another trip!

  5. I think there should be points awarded based on how long you actually spent in each place. Otherwise you Navy folks are going to win every time! 🙂

  6. Hey, when you spend 3 months getting somewhere, those 3 days spent in Perth gotta count for something.;)

  7. 8% haha. Though would’ve been largwer had the USA been on the list. Whats with that?

  8. It’s there, dude. I counted it as one of mine!

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