Detox program, anyone?

The Snook and I are considering doing the Quick Cleanse Detox Program. For two weeks you go vegetarian and cut out all sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods. You also take a lot of herbal supplements that basically make you poo out all your stored toxins. Has anybody done anything similar? Any tips or bits of advice?


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  1. oh, lemme know if/when you guys are going this, we want to have you two over for dinner/drinks/etc. (maybe next weekend???)

    But to answer your question, I’ve done some of the Liver Cleansing stuff but I only did a mini one for like 5 days.

  2. Probably not for a couple weeks… We have to get all the supplies. We want to start on a weekend too, so that we’ll be covered if we have any, ahem, untoward side effects. We’re booked next Satuday night, but other than that we’re free.

  3. sorry, RT, but i think it’s BS. there is no scientific evidence to prove that it actaully works. kinda like that diet based on your blood type- i did some research on that and it’s complete hogwash.

  4. does this mean you’re disembarking from the Atkins wagon for a bit?

    and, i’m sorry, but worms? i don’t think so.

  5. Actually as of today I’m back on Atkins induction after a couple weeks of cheating. We would, of course, stop doing it if we did the detox.

    That’s kinda what I thought, Reen, except that I know a couple people who did a six week detox last year (under direction from a naturopath). They both claim it Changed. Their. Lives. Personally, I figure that even if it doesn’t “cleanse” anything, that’s two weeks to break any food addictions that we might have developed. We both drink too much caffeine and we still eat too many processed things. It would be nice to take a break from that stuff and see if we feel any better. (I know, we don’t really need some “program” to cut those things out of our diet, but we’re lazy people and we do much better with rigid structure.)

    And actually the idea of being “cleaned out” still kinda appeals to me… I’m still obsessed with that “The Enema Within” article about going to a colon cleansing camp. Of course, it’s also really really gross and I could never do that… but if you can get sorta the same results at home, and much less, uh, hands off, why not?

  6. i guess you’re right- although i don’t think you get rid of any stored toxins, it must feel great to get away from caffeine and all that other crap for a couple of weeks. i had a negative impression of “liver cleanses” because i have a weight-concious friend who does them as a means of crash dieting.

  7. Yeah, the company makes a specific “liver cleansing” system but I’m very skeptical of that one. I have a co-worker who did this version though, which she referred to as the “bowel one”. She said she felt pretty great afterwards. Hmm, I’m getting more serious about this.

    (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the idea that I would lose a few pounds though. But it’s more the idea that I’m carrying around a bunch of ick in my system… Getting rid of it sounds like a good way to jump start my health program right now.)

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