The ethics of open linking.

Which reminds me… I’m having a little bit of an issue with the contest links. I decided to allow each entrant to list their personal website if they had one, and it would automatically show up on the list of participants. A couple people have interpreted “personal website” rather creatively though. There are some business sites (which I have left for the time being) and at least one porn site (which is now gone). I don’t want to be prudish or anything, but that’s not really what I intended with the list. I don’t know if the person was making a joke or whether they really wanted to trick people (possibly even kids – this site has no age limits) into seeing something nasty, but I decided to kill it. I let their entry stand since it looked legitimate, but I’m going to be closely checking each new link that gets posted. I just wanted to offer an explanation in case anybody’s wondering why their hyperlink was suddenly removed.


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  1. I’m going to try and repeat last year’s stunning feat of incorrectly guessing *all* the categories but I think ROTK will win big so maybe next year.

  2. If you come in last again, Jai, I’ll make you a monkey with a wooden spoon. 🙂

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