Atkins overweight?

Before anybody sends it to me, yes, I’ve seen the story about how Dr. Atkins was supposedly obese. To be honest, I’m not really convinced by either side’s arguments there. The health information was leaked by a “pro-vegetarian” group with an obvious bias, but then again, the Atkins people have a financial interest in protecting his reputation. It’s confusing. Also, if he really did weigh that much, did they doctor the photos they used on his books? Because he certainly doesn’t look that fat in them.

At any rate, y’all shouldn’t worry about me. I had my blood pressure checked yet again last week and my doctor pronounced it “excellent”. Unfortunately I’m still a chunker, but I’m a lot less of a chunker than I was two years ago. I’ve got a new personal trainer who’s started me on a weightlifting routine. My body-fat percentage is a shocker – How can a third of my body be fat? That’s ridiculous – but we’re working on that. I’m even drinking protein shakes with milk now to speed recovery in my new badass muscles. Also, the Snook and I have each eaten our weight in cherry tomatoes in the past two weeks so we’re chock full o’ vitamin goodness. In summary: Don’t worry, kids; we’re not gonna keel over and hit our heads on the sidewalk anytime soon.


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  1. Atkins away, Muscle Goddess. Screw those puny, funny-smelling vegetarians, anyway.

  2. I don’t think he meant you, B. You’re a pescavore, anyway! 😉

  3. oh yeah, i was just making with the faux-offended face. and i can personally vouch for the fact that a vegetarian diet can have a…err…pleasing effect on the body chemistry of your loved one. :::wink/nudge::: you know, FWIW.

    i actually hardly ever eat fish these days, only when we go out for sushi and at weddings so as not to make any unnecessary waves. i just can’t shake that sushi monkey off my back!

  4. Hmm, I’ve heard that about pineapple… Wasn’t there an episode of Sex and the City about that? 🙂

  5. And it’s a well-known fact in the gay-boy community that broccoli makes you shoot.

    It’s all love, Brigita.

  6. Kris, I just wanted to say that you look great and although I think large percentages of people who get their diets out of magazines are stupid, you’re doing it all the right ways and totally looking after yourself. In reiteration, KRIS LOOKS GREAT!
    ps. My cherry tomato plant keeled over last week. It’s been so dry where it is, and when we went on holidays it got mopey and the hot days lately have been the end of it. I think I put it in too late(december) 🙁

  7. Awww, thanks Helen! I wasn’t digging for affirmation so much with this post as warding off the inevitable concerned e-mails from my family. But I’ll take the compliments when I can get ’em!

    And speaking of “shooting”, Beau, that’s entirely what the Diet Coke did through my nose when I read your comment. 🙂

  8. hA! you really do learn something new every day. love right back atcha, Beau. 🙂

    re: my earlier proclaimation, the change is probably more due to the fact that we aren’t getting polluted nearly as often as we used to. those hangovers have gone from bad to worse to downright crippling.

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