Anderson plays for the other team? Nooooo!

Remember when I asked when Anderson Cooper had gone “totally gray”? I’d like to revise that question. Here’s my new one: When did Anderson Cooper go totally GAY? An excerpt from today’s Sydney Morning Herald entitled “Spotlight on New York Fashion Week”:

Among the celebrities attracted to the opening shows was Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s Carson Kressley. Reported the San Francisco Chronicle: “In the front row at the Nautica show, Carson Kressley was in a thin olive cashmere cable-knit sweater, charcoal grey pants and square-toe black shoes. Kressley and his apparent new beau, Anderson Cooper (Gloria Vanderbilt’s son), were cooing through most of the show, so it’s a wonder he saw enough of it to comment, but he did say he liked the mix of tech fabrics (waterproof merino jackets) with classic tailoring (charcoal cashmere wool windowpane three-button suits).”

Eeeeek! So since when does Anderson play for the other team? I’m depressed. Although given my history of like boys that eventually turned out to be gay, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I bet Carson doesn’t let him wear any of those yummy flannel shirts anymore, either.


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  1. Every once and a while there’s an intersection of the Gaydar line and the ‘Wishful Thinking’ line.

    “For the past two seasons, out and proud Anderson Cooper has hosted the reality series.”

    To think all the late nights I spent actually learning about current events while watching this man…

  2. Wow! I really had no idea. They would make an adorable couple. I want them to adopt me.

  3. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa????

    Son of ……

    But even past that, I don’t really see him w/ Carson. He’s a bit catty even for me. Ah boys

  4. I guess I thought you knew. My only real knowledge of AC was from links from your site (yes, I live in a box), but from those references, I assumed that he was gay. Wasn’t it mentioned somewhere? Strongly alluded to, perhaps?

  5. I had no idea… lol. I used to think he was hot when he was on Channel 1 way back in high school. My gaydar is totally failing these days. ::le sigh::

  6. i never thought anderson cooper was gay! i never thought he was hot, either. I thought he was kind of a sucker, like, why did he always get send to dangerous, war-torn countries, while the rest of them did cake stories in serene places.

  7. I definitely didn’t think he was gay. And while I thought he was hot, it wasn’t so much in an “objectively attractive” sort of way so much as “Damn, he’s rockin’ the flannel shirt in Kosovo! Go him!”

    And did you see the comment left earlier today by Rawley Valverde’s college roommate? I’m still reeling.

  8. that is nuts! did you get that sinking feeling like when someone walks in the room right after you’ve been talking about them?

  9. Yeah, it was like “Code. Of. Silence!” 🙂

  10. Wait–people thought he was *straight*? Whoa…and here I thought that everyone knew about Anderson’s “status.” Still, as much as I love Carson Kressley, for some reason I don’t really like the idea of them together (and all of the Atlanta-based CNN gossip would mark Carson as way too old for Anderson, anyway).

    Yikes. When did I turn into Michael Musto? 🙂

    (I love the line about the occasional intersection of gaydar and wishful thinking, though…)

  11. You’re a fan of Anderson and you didn’t know he was gay? What are you, blind AND deaf? j/k

  12. Well, in all fairness I was a “fan” in, like, 1991. Other than a single episode of The Mole, I haven’t seen him since then. That’s why it was such a shock!

  13. I think even back when he was in college, people knew he was gay. He graduated in like 1989. Too bad, though the grey hair so early kind of ameliorates it.

  14. Wow, so Channel One hired an openly gay newscaster? That makes me respect them a little more, even though they did try to kill him with all those nutty assignments.

  15. Well, Anderson has never came out and openly said on TV his sexual status has he? If he did, I must have missed it. If anyone can point me to a manuscript, I’d love to read it. But until Anderson himself states his status I don’t think we should be making any assumptions.

  16. ohmigod, Anderson Cooper just *TOTALLY* left a message on your site, kris!!!!

  17. I don’t know that he should have to say it. Straight people don’t have to do that. The original article implied that Carson was clearly at the show as the date of one of America’s most famous gay men. I think that’s pretty clear cut!

  18. I think he is gay because, eveytime he talks about gay subjects like same sex marriage or anyother thing invilving gay he gets all jettery.

  19. just because anderson was talking to carson does not mean he is gay. until anderson himself says so i will never believe it. i dont have a problem with it if he is. i just dont see it though

  20. What reliable source has quoted that Anderson is gay? “Implied” is not proof. Did Carson say he was Anderson’s date or vice versa. They happen to be friends, so what? I’ve had drinks with a gay friend and that doesn’t make me gay.

  21. No, but leaving rambling messages anonymously does make one wonder.

  22. NOTE TO QUICKTOPIC AND OTHER CLUELESS VISITORS: This is not an “article” that I wrote. This is a weblog, and I was merely discussing an item I read in the Sydney Morning Herald. I have no idea what Mr. Anderson’s sexuality is. There is no reliable source. We’re just discussing some gossip, same as you. So quit leaving annoying messages!

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