Ebert’s Oscar Predictions

I just realized that Ebert’s posted his Oscar predictions and he’s got some real surprises in there. For instance, he thinks Shohreh Aghdashloo will win Best Supporting Actress over popular choice Renee Zellweger. He also thinks Bill Murry might win over Sean Penn. Very interesting…

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  1. i agree

  2. Yeah, and he also badmouthed Return of the King yet again, while overjocking movies like City of God. Bleah.

  3. Awww, be fair. I didn’t see any badmouthing in there. He did suggest that Hollywood would reward the moneymaking more than the artistry, but I think that’s a fair assessment.

  4. Kevin: City of God was a really great movie, and Return of the King was the weakest film in the trilogy by far. I think Ebert (with whom I rarely agree) was saying that they’d reward not so much the moneymaking, but the huge scope of the project and the fact that it actually got carried out.

  5. Ooh, them’s fightin’ words, Brenda! 🙂 (Kevin’s a true LOTR fanboy and he gave City of God a horrible review on his site.)

    I agree with you about Ebert though…

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