My Angry Eye

Allergy Update: The Telfast really isn’t doing much for me anymore so last week I called a specialist recommended by my doctor. I booked an appointment with him in four weeks to do a prick test and see if we can finally figure out what the heck is causing this. On a related (and humourous) note, my left eye is completely bloodshot today. I think it’s because I had some allergan trapped in my contact that irritated it. I’m on a fresh pair now but the redness is still there. It doesn’t hurt though and I’m freaking all my co-workers out. Fear my angry eye!


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  1. Remember the Economart, Just give em the “eye” hehehe

  2. I get the bloodshot eye thing, it is really freaky the first time. Rushed straight to the doctors with mine, they took a look at it and told me it was stress. Great, could of told them that! 3 strangers stopped me in the street over the next 4 days, just to tell me to take it easy because they get blood shot eyes when they are stressed too. I wasn’t really that pleased with them, so I feel it’s my duty to tell you!

  3. Thanks! I actually wore my glasses to work for the first time yesterday to give my eye a chance to rest and breathe. Everybody knows what a big nerd I am now, but at least my eye isn’t red anymore!

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