Yankee or Dixie?

Are you Yankee or Dixie? (Linguistically-speaking, that is.) I actually came out 58% Dixie. That’s so weird. I would’ve guessed I’d be Yankee all the way. I think I’ve spent too much time overseas. (Link courtesy of Max.)


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  1. How do you like that–born, raised and lived 29 years in Ohio and only 50% Yankee? I guess being right in the middle makes me “multi-culture” linquistically.

  2. Ha, I came out at 52% I thought it would be worse.

  3. oh man.. 89% Dixie.. Take the gal out of Texas, but… LOL

  4. Ok, I feel really bad.

    99% Dixie. Wow. Yee haw.

  5. 62% Dixie. I’m from Canada.

  6. 43% Yank. No surprises here.

  7. I’m starting to think that by “Yank”, that quiz really means “New England.” Which is fine, because they really do have a distinctive way of speaking, but I think the Great Lakes region is just as “northern” as they are. Instead we’re all getting scores somewhere in the middle.

  8. 44% Yankee…Dad would be so disappointed.

  9. 79% Dixie. Not surprising since my family (kin) are from the South. rdh, I knew all along you are just a southern poser!

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