More SF wedding photos

More gorgeous wedding photos from San Francisco. (I went through them all but I didn’t spot the ND girls anywhere.) In a related MetaFilter discussion, somebody mentioned that Mayor Daley (of Chicago) is in support of the marriages. Can anybody confirm this? I always thought Chi-town would be a nice place to live, but if this is true you can put me down as a future resident and happy taxpayer.


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  1. yep – i just saw a quote from him on the news last night. very cool.

  2. I just found a news story confirming it. KICKASS. As long as Bush loses in November, you’re all invited to the Snook’s and my housewarming party in Chicago in 2006.

  3. yay! but you do know that all the real liberals still live in boston, right?
    by the way, i’m a volunteer for the dem. national convention- should be pretty sweet, especially if Kerry gets the nod, and it’s certainly looking that way.

  4. I was all set to agree with you, Reen, except for this silly business about free speech zones at the convention. That sucks.

  5. my SIL has something about the Chicago connection on her blog

  6. Awesome. I’m totally bookmarking her site; she sounds cool!

  7. Woooo! Chicago’s the coolest. Everyone should live here.

  8. Well not everyone as then it would be a bit crowded 😉

    I think it should be only nice people are allowed there and you have to wear a badge with “BE NICE!” on it all the time.

  9. Honestly, I think the main reason for the free speech zone isn’t to silence protestors, but as a security issue. I had to get a background check done to qualify as a volunteer. I think they’re just trying to limit the amount of people who have direct access to the area. Not to sound like a paranoid conspiracy-theorist, but almost all political assasination attempts occur at large, public events such as these.

  10. You’re probably right about that, but it’s the specific name “free speech zone” that annoys me. Shouldn’t, you know, EVERYWHERE be a free speech zone?

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