You like us!

Nine out of ten Americans like Australia best. I like to think that I’m doing my little bit to foster good US-Oz relations. Take that, Europe!


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  1. it’s all that distance which makes the heart grow fonder. that and the fact that you guys have great weather during the winter. 😉

    i’ve been daydreaming on how to squeeze every last drop of goodness out of the Navy before our departure this summer/fall, which includes the ability to hop cheap military flights to anywhere we have a base, which is just about anywhere these days and just happens to include australia…

  2. That’d be pretty sweet… Although I have to warn you, beach weather pretty much ends in March. (In Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra anyway.) If you want Florida type sun, you’ll have to go up to Queensland. Otherwise come down here and we’ll drink beer and take you to the rugby. 🙂

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