Eeeek! I just had my taped phone interview with BBC Radio Suffolk. I’m going to sound like a complete tool, I just know it. It was pretty fun though. They’re going to send me a cassette since the show isn’t broadcast on the Web. I’ll digitize it once it gets here so you’ll all be able to hear me geeking out. 🙂


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  1. you won’t sound like a tool. you are extremely knowledgeable in your subject area, and passionate about it as well. it will go down brilliantly!

  2. this has nothing to do with anything but….why are you listening to all that Christmas music? Did you watch SITC this week?

  3. No, it’s just leftover from a Christmas mix CD I made back in December. I don’t actually listen to music here at the computer that often, so when I do the list stays up for months. I’ll try and get it to change more often. 🙂

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