So. Angry.

So. Angry.
If Bush manages to actually enshrine homosexual discrimination in the goddamn Constitution, I swear I’m never getting married. Ever. I can’t in good conscience reap the benefits of getting married if somebody equally worthy is denied them on the basis that their partner happens to be the same gender. Screw him and all his homophobic supporters.

Update: I just downloaded my absentee voter registration card.


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  1. I thought marriage was a religious thing so how can it be added to some piece of paper with rules 😉

    Next they’ll be revising the bible.

    “Bible 2001” by G.W. Bush.

  2. Ah, but it’s not really religious, Weeb. I could get married in the courthouse with nary a word spoken about God. That’s the problem. Christian fundamentalists don’t own the idea of marriage and the notion that they can proscribe who is allowed to do it is just laughable. But they try anyway. 🙁

  3. yeah, I got married in a casino by a Rabi (who is also a Dr. of theology) without any referencs to ‘god’ or any other bible stuff.

  4. ah yeah…just remembered none of our family are religious so my brother and his wife got married by some Humanist Society or something like that.

    I guess it’s only religious if you want it to be. Cheers for clearing that up 😉

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