Bill Corgan is a blogger.

Wow. Billy Corgan is a blogger. I knew the Pumpkins were from Chicago but I didn’t realize he was that big of a Cubs fan. (Link courtesy of Tricia.)

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  1. he sang “take me out to the ballgame” in one of their final games last season…maybe their last? i remember him yelling “let’s get some runs!” at the end of the song.

  2. He mentions that experience a couple entries’ back in the blog. He says he wanted it to be uplifting but it was like the saddest moment EVER. He sounds a lot more normal than I expected.

    Oooh, and in that same post, he talks about going to the “blowing up the ball” thing last week at Harry Carey’s Restaurant, and casually mentions the he took his buddy the singer from CHEAP TRICK along with him and they played some music for the fans. Wouldn’t that rock?

  3. it *would* rock, and it does. and though i felt pangs of this years ago, i now think i am truly in love with billy corgan.

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