Not a single damn upset.

Not a single damn upset.
Shocking, isn’t it? But good on Peter Jackson and the LOTR crew for cleaning up. We ended up with a 13-way tie for first place consisting of: Adanma Onyedike, Carol LuBien, Carrie Murphy, Christen, Colin Bunnell, Denise, Emily, julie, Mark Schoppe, Mary Jo Brown, Mike, Pat, and Tim Reid. The tiebreaker, you’ll remember, consisted of guessing how many dead people would feature in the annual obituary tribute reel. The total was 30, which means that with a guess of 31, the winner is…

*drum roll*

Christen! I don’t actually know him/her, but a sock monkey will soon be heading off to his new owner.

In second and third places were two people that guessed the same number (25), thus the double-tie was broken on the basis of who entered earlier. Therefore in second place is Mark Schoppe, and in third place is Carol LuBien. (Carrie Murphy missed out on third by a mere hour!)

And lastly, with the wooden spoon, is poor ramanan, who got zero correct. Better luck next year!


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  1. that’s what happens when you pick who you want to win, not who you think will win.

  2. i wanted lotr to sweep everything, but i honestly didn’t think it would. hence my shameful, seriously shameful, score.

    anyways… kris, thank you for putting together the contest for a second year. it is always fun.

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