Would you like some Turkish Delight?

Would you like some Turkish Delight?
Kevin discovered a rumor that Nicole Kidman might be playing the White Witch in Disney’s upcoming adaptation of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I actually think she’d be really good for that part. She’s got that whole beautiful-yet-terrible, pale-yet-flashy elfin ice queen thing going on anyway. I wonder if she’d sign on to play Jadis (“Empress of Charn”) if they get around to making The Magician’s Nephew

Incidentally, when I first read the books I thought that turkish delight must be the best candy ever. Thus when I arrived in London in ’98, I headed straight for the local grocery store and bought some. It was awful! It was like a chocolate bar with a center of PINK JELLIED ASS. I still shudder at the thought.


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  1. That is not real TD though. It’s well known that that bar is the most foul thing to come into existence. It’s why we might go to war with some aliens once day.

    There must be some mediterranean peeps in Sydney so got try it again.

  2. Try the mass-produced Fry’s Turkish Delight in the gold and purple wrapper; it’s coated in chocolate and it’s more like jelly/jello/whatever and less like eating a rubbery car tyre – yum.

  3. Actually I did have some good TD a few years ago, WeeB. Eric Morali (the “Gonzesse”) brought some back from Turkey for us. It was like rosewater flavored gumdrops coated in powdered sugar. Still not the Best. Candy. Ever, but a lot better than the grocery store stuff.

  4. I mentioned to my class (in a discussion of the Narnia books) that I used to unwrap a whole pack of Starburst candy and arrange them on a plate to pretend they were Turkish Delight (I had no idea what it really was, so I was going on the book and cartoon). Lo and behold, two days later, a student brought me a small plate of genuine Turkish Delight. Like you say, it’s no Twix (best candy ever), but it was an enjoyable experience…sweet with an oddly pleasant aftertaste. And these had almonds at the center, not jelly stuff. It was a total White Witch moment!

  5. Unfortunately, I have only had the ass version. Blech!

  6. How funny that we all had the shared Turkish Delight experience. Not having ever seen TD anywhere, my mom and I made up a batch after I read the book as a kid. It was edible, but like Kris said, not the Best Candy Ever.

    Along those lines, I’m still searching for that amazing warming drink that Edmund drank. There is a perfect one out there, I am convinced, but I’ve yet to taste it. I’ll know it when I do…

    I’m pretty excited about the film, but have to keep my hopes more realistic. Not every film is going to bring to life a favorite book as well as LOTR did.

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