I can’t resist.

I can’t resist. She’s just so cute!

Amy on my lap     Upside-down kitty

She’s been sitting on my lap tonight learning about the Internet. We’re bonding.

The gutter-minded among you will be amused to note that the Snook, upon receiving these pictures from me, proceeded to forward them to his work buddies with the subject line: “Pictures of my girlfriend’s pussy.” Actually even I thought that was pretty funny.


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  1. Ah yes, my husband is quite fond of posting things like…pussy face and then further encouraging confusion among those who find his blog through unfortunate keyword searches.

  2. Ha! I didn’t know your hubby was a blogger. Very cute kitties!

  3. hee hee. funny one, snook.

  4. Yep! And that’s just two of our four kitties! 😉 Of course, your kitty is adorable too–she’s still at that age/size where her paws look HUGE. Too cute!!

  5. cute pics! she’s kneeding the air, I love that aout cats. And you just gotta love a good pussy joke.

  6. Pussy jokes! Kris–it’s like your very own Mrs. Slocum moment! I’m jealous…

  7. cute kitty…but I thought you were having a baby…you scared me to death…I was on the phone with your Dad as fast as I could dial….. All I could think of is Grandma Veva is going to crap…..

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