My sister has caught the knitting bug and is ready to try her first sweater. She wants to do Cheesylove (the sleeveless version) from Knitty but she’s a little apprehensive. So we’re going to do it as a knitalong! We’re both going to knit it at the same time so we can help each other over the rough bits. Any of you other knitters want to join us? We’re aiming to get the materials this week and start next weekend.


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  1. hey Kris are you having any luck finding the Patons yarn? I tried the Patons 8ply and I can’t get the guage. just wondering.

  2. I had 10 balls of black Heirloom Easy Care 8-ply already so that’s what I’m going with. (I just bought 10 more yesterday.) I did have a look for the Patons but I couldn’t really find it. Maybe it’s just their export wool. I tried the Heirloom with 4.5 mm and I got, like, 26 stitches for the 4″ (using their “slightly stretched” metric). So I tried again with 5 mm and it’s close enough, so that’s what I’m going to use.

    By the by, Friday was my first visit to Tapestry Craft in a while and I got some good goss on the Sydney wool scene. I also had a long talk to Albert, the owner, about various things (teaching classes, their website, possibly a job, etc). Very interesting…

  3. hmmm, sounds like we need to chat…

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