Only four shopping days left!

Only four shopping days left til my birthday… and if anybody wants to blow my mind, you can pick me up one of these on eBay. Seriously. I love my kitty but cat poop sucks.


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  1. That’s so cute!! I love the cat paw cleaning ramp!!

  2. kris, so happy to see dr amy… i am so glad you have become one of us crazy cat bloggers. it did me a world of good!

  3. You’re back! Aww, it’s good to hear from you! I’ve got a Catboy Care Package to send off soon… 🙂

  4. Oh sweetie, you come home and see me and I’ll buy you the poop box.

  5. a catboy care package… wow! thanks, kris! dr amy is extremely gorgeous, and i can tell from the photos that she is already part of your household and happy to be there. you may not believe it but the love and excitement never wears out!

  6. She’s already manipulating me, the little minx. We’ve been keeping her in the big guest bathroom at night and it just tears me up to hear her in there. She knows just how to make the most pathetic little meows! And Rodd says she cries whenever I leave in the morning. I think she thinks I’m her mommy. Which is nice, but it makes me feel so guilty whenever I have to leave her! We’re going to try letting her out at night this weekend and hope she doesn’t get into trouble.

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