Nike Women’s Classic

The date for this year’s Nike Women’s Classic has been posted: June 20th. That’s just over thirteen weeks away. As I’ve run the 5K the past two years, I’m wondering if I should stick with that and try to improve my pace or challenge myself to complete the 10K. What do you guys think? Any particular good, tried-and-true training programs? I should be meeting with my personal trainer sometime in the next two weeks so I’ll check with him and see what he recommends.


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  1. go for it! you’ve got plenty of time. try something like this- 2 short runs during the week, then one longer run on the weekend. start off small (short runs 2 or 3K), long run 4K, and each week, gradually increase. Your short runs never need to be longer than 5K, and it would be best to try to do a full 10K two weeks before your race, then drop dowm to 8K the week before.
    Week 1: 2K,2K,4K
    Week 2: 2K, 2K, 4K
    Week 3: 2K, 3K, 5K
    Week 4: 3K, 3K, 5K
    Week 5: 3K, 3K, 6K
    Week 6: 3K, 3K, 7K
    Week 7: 3K, 3K, 8K
    Week 8: 3K, 4K, 8K
    Week 9: 2K, 3K, 9K
    okay, i think you get the picture. Once you get over 5K it will be much easier than you expect. also, be flexible- if you don’t feel like running one day, skip it, and run the next day instead.
    I think i’ve actually inspired myself to start running again. Too bad there’s a half-foot of snow on the ground!

  2. Either race would be a great challenge. I really enjoy 10K’s, myself. It might be fun to try something new; perhaps you’ll enjoy a 10K more, too.

    I’m glad you found the Runners World program; I’m a big fan of the magazine.

  3. i’ve only run the one 10K in my life but i thoroughly enjoyed the experience. time to get off my butt and start training for another one.

    “you can doooo eeet!”

  4. Hey Kris

    Who’s your personal trainer? Would also be interested in doing the run (but maybe just the 5k run…).

  5. Hi Kathleen! My trainer is named Sam and he’s just one of the trainers that’s employed by my gym. (Ultimate Gym Broadway) So far he’s only helped me with weightlifting but I haven’t had a chance to discuss running plans with him yet. Are you in the area? Maybe we could go on runs together!

  6. Yup, still in the area (just moved 10 mins away from where we were)so would be interested in doing some runs together. But just a warning, I’m not very fit and you could find yourself running alone with me trailing 400m behind….

  7. Ah, duh! I didn’t realize that you were that Kathleen. 🙂 I’m really not that fit either, and my fastest sprint is pretty much most people’s warm-up jog, but we can try!

  8. Sounds good – I’ll get your number from Andrew and we’ll make a time to go running sometime. How about Centinnial Park. Pity day light savings is over – tends to get dark pretty early.

  9. I probably won’t be able to make a proper start at training til next week. I’m battling the flu right now and then we’ve got a wedding this weekend… 🙁

  10. You poor thing! And on such a nice week, too! Next week’s perfect. We have a friend staying with us till Monday so I won’t have time till then, anyway. Take care and remember – lots of chicken noodle soup!

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