She’s kind of froggy…

Cat Frog“New fashion of this Spring! It’s gonna hit big! She’s kind of froggy…”

Oh. My. God. (No, that’s no my cat.) I love the Japanese. Check out this page of costumes for cats. The descriptions are as funny as the pictures. What kind of person dresses their cat up as “Anne of Green Gables”? I do like the “gentleman’s” shirt and tie though. It’s “the least that handsome boy needs.” And don’t forget to give you cat a “hub” afterwards!


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  1. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen for a long time 😉

    Good on ya, mate!

  2. And don’t forgot to take a photo ater you are enough with your joy!

    Some of the kitties in those photos look like they’re in shock! I dress my dog up constantly – it’s quite sick actually 🙂

  3. I wonder if it’s all the same cat. Poor cat.

  4. Each cat in those pictures has its ears back and flat and a pretty pissed look…I bet it wasn’t happy with having to play dress up. I know my cat wouldn’t be please with any costume.

  5. Actually the consensus in the Glitter discussion was that the cat is probably a “Scottish Fold”, which has folded squashy ears. So it might not be as angry as you think.

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