Cheesylove has been started…

I’ve made an unofficial start on the Cheesylove sweater my sister and I are doing as a knitalong. (She’s not doing the ruffle and I am, so I’m starting a little early.) Good grief. Do you know how long it takes to cast on 504 stitches? Frickin’ ages! And technically you have to do that twice, because the real ruffle’s supposed to be 1008 stitches. Now I understand why they have you do it in two parts, otherwise you’d need a circular needle about three feet long.


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  1. I still need to pick up that yarn. this week sometime. promise.

  2. It’s cool; my sister won’t be starting for a while as she’s entertaining my brother on Spring Break this week. Apparently they’re going on The Price Is Right tomorrow. 🙂

  3. I’m too jealous for words

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