Holy crap!

Holy crap! My Dad just e-mailed to let me know that someone is currently shooting a movie in Goshen, Indiana. He said he heard it stars Liv Tyler, and his wife Cindy ran into “that guy from ConAir” at a coffee shop. A little research by me… and Boom! Steve Buscemi is filming a movie with Liv Tyler in my hometown! Isn’t that cool? Apparently they’re using a couple other Indiana locations too.


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  1. That’s pretty cool. Steve Buscemi – is he the weird-looking psycho guy in Billy Madison? I *love* him!

  2. Yep, that’s him! And also Mr. Pink from Reservoir Dogs.

  3. Yeah I knew it was Steve something or other. Cindy said he was very nice when she ran into him at the coffee shop downtown and apparently he and others have been in there quite a bit, also a friend of hers has a cousin who runs a bed and breakfast that they are staying at. And it looks like the house down the street from us is being used for quite a bit of filming, I know when I drove by Tuesday night there were about 50 people on the front lawn and another 20 or so standing across the street on the sidewalk watching. Looks weird seeing the house decorated with x-mas lights turned on but I guess the move is set around the holidays, heck I would have put the lights back up if they wanted to use our house.

  4. Shut up! I love it

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