Damn, you know what’s difficult? Wiping a cat’s ass. I’m starting to see the wisdom of owning a pet before you reproduce. You need to get acclimatized to all the disgusting stuff that goes along with caring for another lifeform.


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  1. does amy have long fur? i have never had to wipe mina’s ass, thankfully.

    by the way, as i write this i see on couch cam amy is playing with your feet. very cute =’.’=

  2. She’s had some stomach troubles the last couple days. I think it was a combination of new food (we ran out of the stuff the society was feeding her) plus overeating. She would scarf her food as soon as we gave it to her. So she’s had some runny poos for a day or two. This morning she’d actually done one on the rug because she couldn’t step around the one she’d done in her litterbox. Poor little thing. So yeah, she had a few, uh, “clingons”. Just a little liquid that had dried on her bum hairs. Eventually I discovered that wiping and brushing were of no use and just clipped them off with scissors. That’s going to be my plan of attack from now on. She doesn’t need long bum hair anyway. 🙂

  3. that and the fact that you can’t just leave town for the weekend at a drop of a hat anymore, although i’m sure that that’s easier with cats.

    i had to laugh when i got the old “you’re getting a pet? oooh! babies can’t be far behind!” obviously these people were not pet owners.

  4. Does Amy have long fur? Now thats funny. Ya cut her bum fur off? what happens when she has a bald ass? Oh wait that would mean Amy has a bald ass, thats even funnier. My apology to Aim but I couldnt resist.

  5. Sparky HATES riding in the car soooo much he usually poos all over his cage when we visit the vet. You kinda get used to it.

  6. I think she’s getting used to her food now. We’ve stopped the wet stuff and so now her poos are more like grown-up cat poos: drier and darker. Hopefully we won’t need to do much more bum trimming. Isn’t that nice? We praised her for it. 🙂

  7. LOL This is the funniest thread of conversation I’ve seen in ages. I’m so happy Tipsy is all grown and functional 🙂 I’m even happier after reading this.

  8. That’s why I prefer dogs – they wipe their own. Sure, it’s usually on the carpet, propelling themselves along with their front paws, corner to corner for the longest wipe possible, but hey!
    Come to think of it, maybe I can teach my kids when I get round to fathering some. (legitimate ones that is)

  9. Wait, is that Steve Jeffrey? I thought you liked cats? What about poor departed Bob?

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